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This is currently a list of the websites, organizations, companies, personalities, and locations who promote or are important to the Japanese-American community.

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The Japanese American National Museum - Los Angeles, California - The mission of the Japanese American National Museum is to promote understanding and appreciation of America’s ethnic and cultural diversity by sharing the Japanese American experience. We share the story of Japanese Americans because we honor our nation’s diversity. We believe in the importance of remembering our history to better guard against the prejudice that threatens liberty and equality in a democratic society. We strive as a world-class museum to provide a voice for Japanese Americans and a forum that enables all people to explore their own heritage and culture. We promote continual exploration of the meaning and value of ethnicity in our country through programs that preserve individual dignity, strengthen our communities, and increase respect among all people. We believe that our work will transform lives, create a more just America and, ultimately, a better world. (Japanese Site) - Discover Nikkei is an international network that celebrates cultural diversity and explores both global and local identities. The project connects generations and communities by sharing stories and perspectives of the Nikkei, people of Japanese descent who have migrated and settled throughout the world. (Japanese Site)

The U.S.-Japan Council - Offices in Los Angeles, CA, Washington D.C. & Tokyo, Japan - The U.S.-Japan Council is a Japanese-American-led organization fully dedicated to strengthening ties between the United States and Japan in a global context. By promoting people-to-people relationships through its innovative programs in networking and leadership, the Council serves as a catalyst to inspire and engage Japanese and Americans of all generations. It develops the next generation of leaders committed to a vibrant and dynamic relationship. (Japanese Site)

TOMODACHI - The TOMODACHI Initiative is a public-private partnership between the U.S.-Japan Council and the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo. It was born out of support for Japan’s recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake, that invests in the next generation of Japanese and American leaders through educational and cultural exchanges as well as leadership programs. We seek to foster a “TOMODACHI generation” of young American and Japanese leaders who are committed to and engaged in strengthening U.S.-Japan relations, appreciate each other’s countries and cultures, and possess the global skills and mindsets needed to contribute to and thrive in a more cooperative, prosperous, and secure world. (Japanese Site)

The Japanese American Association of New York - New York - The Japanese American Association of New York's (JAA) mission is to be a nonprofit organization serving the Japanese and Japanese American community. It has been active for over 100 years. (JAA Facebook Page, Japanese Site)

The Japanese American Citizens League - New York - The Japanese American Citizens League is a national organization whose ongoing mission is to secure and maintain the civil rights of Japanese Americans and all others who are victimized by injustice and bigotry. The leaders and members of the JACL also work to promote cultural, educational and social values and preserve the heritage and legacy of the Japanese American community.

The Japan Society - New York - The Japan Society is the leading U.S. organization committed to deepening mutual understanding between the United States and Japan in a global context. Now in its second century, the Society serves audiences across the United States and abroad through innovative programs in arts and culture, public policy, business, language and education.

Japanese American Social Services Inc. - New York - Japanese American Social Services Inc. (JASSI) was the brainchild of the late Midori Shimanouchi Lederer, a former publicist, who was nearly of retirement age herself when she became aware of gaps in social services for Japanese senior citizens, largely owing to language and cultural barriers. Together with a young community-minded attorney, Cyril Nishimoto, and a 70 years old Nisei, Kimi Shimizu (who has lived in New York since before WWII), along with the wives of Japanese businessman, she formed Japanese American Social Services, Inc. in 1981. (Japanese Site)

The Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New York - New York - The Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New York's (JCCINY) original mandate was designed primarily to facilitate trade between the U.S. and Japan. However, as globalization of the world economy continues, our mission has expanded to include supporting the business relationships that flourish between the Japanese and American communities in New York, and to close the cultural gap that hinders complete economic cooperation. Also, it is imperative that our economic leaders embrace social responsibilities and contribute to the community. The Chamber actively encourages its members to develop friendships with leaders in their local community, as well as government officials, by hosting numerous luncheons, symposiums and other activities. Functioning as a not-for-profit organization, The Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New York, Inc. will continue to be the mediator between our two nations and work to achieve the goal of the Chamber's founding fathers: a bilateral relationship based on friendship and cooperation.

The Japanese American United Church - New York - For over 100 years, The Japanese American United Church (JAUC) has been faithfully serving a diversity of people with Japanese backgrounds living in the New York City area. We are a caring family of Christ and invite you to join us through Sunday services and other ministries of the church. JAUC is a bilingual congregation that offers Sunday services in both English and Japanese. We have a variety of group activities conducted in either one or both languages. Our congregation includes: Japanese-speaking pioneer Issei's; English-speaking Niseis and Sanseis; newly arrived Japanese immigrants; Japanese businessmen and businesswomen; college students from Japan; and others who share an affinity with Japanese culture and Christian community. 本日は日米合同教会ウェブサイトへお越しいただき、ありがとうございます。心より歓迎いたします。当教会は、過去一世紀以上にもわたり、ニューヨーク日系社会の人々へイエス・キリストの福音を宣べ伝えてまいりました。私たちはキリストの名によって集められた家族です。聖日礼拝やその他の活動に加わり、私たち家族の一員となられますよう、ご案内申し上げます。日米合同教会は、日英両国語のバイリンガル・コミュニティーです。聖日礼拝は日英両語でまもられており、教会の諸活動も日本語、英語、バイリンガル、それぞれのプログラムをもっています。日本語を母国語とする1世、英語を母国語とする2世、3世をはじめ、近年当地へ移住された方々、日系企業駐在員、留学生、国際結婚されたカップルなど、多様な人々が集っています。日米合同教会の歴史は、1893 年(明治26 年)に日本人伝道者岡島金弥がニューヨーク市ブルックリン区にて福音伝道を始めた時代まで遡ることができます。大戦後、1953 年(昭和 28 年)に当時ニューヨークにあった3つの日系人教会が一緒になり、日米合同基督教會(現日米合同教会)が誕生しました。2003 年9 月に、創立 110 周年、合同 50 周年の記念行事が催されました。 - New York - is proudly advertising free and strives to be the leading English-language resource for Japanese culture in New York City, highlighting the people and activities of New York’s Japanese and Japanese American community. This includes the arts to food to everything in between, looks for the best of Japanese culture the city has to offer. (YouTube Channel, Instagram, Twitter)

The Japanese Association in Charlotte - Charlotte, North Carolina - Established in 1979, our members consist of 38 Japanese companies and 55 individual members in both North Carolina and South Carolina. We organize golf tournaments twice a year and a softball tournament in the fall. We also have a New Year's party in January. The Japanese Language School was established to provide a Japanese education to children. We have classes every Saturday. We organize events throughout the year and hold activities to build a long lasting friendship with Charlotte citizens. Our biggest event is Bon Odori festival in the summer, it has become Charlotte summer custom. (Japanese Site)

The North Carolina Japan Center - NC State University Campus, Raleigh, North Carolina - The NC Japan Center serves as a focal point for interaction between Japan and North Carolina, and is a statewide resource intended to assist all citizens, universities, companies, and public and private institutions in relations with the Japanese. Founded in July 1980, the NC Japan Center continues to strengthen the state's academic, business, and cultural ties with Japan. Its Academic Advisory Board consists of faculty from colleges across the University, providing guidance and direction for academic exchange and development. An external Board of Advisors includes prominent citizens of North Carolina who have a strong interest in Japan and US-Japan relations. (NC Japan Center's Facebook PageJapanese Site)

The Nippon Club of the Triangle - North Carolina - The Nippon Club of the Triangle was founded in 1990 as a nonprofit organization committed to providing intercultural programs and activities in the Triangle region (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) of North Carolina. The Club's major goal is to foster deeper cultural understandings between Japanese and Americans. To achieve this goal, the Club promotes US-Japan cultural exchange and conducts local service activities. The Club also aims to provide practical information for Japanese who live in this area. The Nippon Club warmly welcomes everyone, Japanese and non-Japanese, who support its goal.

Japanese Community Group - North Carolina - (Japanese Only)

The Japanese-American Society of New Jersey - New Jersey - The Japanese-American Society of New Jersey (JAS NJ), located on Main Street, Fort Lee, New Jersey, was founded in 1974. We are dedicated to promoting understanding between Japanese and American cultures. JAS of NJ offers language, cultural, translation, and interpretation programs. Members are given special discounts to attend classes and access to our extensive library. Benefit from the decades of experience and valued service in the New Jersey/New York area. JAS of NJ offers unique and professional language programs designed for native English speakers that wish to become fluent in speaking and writing Japanese. JAS also offers modern and traditional culture classes, such as: Sado (Traditional Japanese tea ceremony), Ikebana (Traditional Japanese flower arrangement) and Japanese arts and crafts. JAS of NJ has an large collection of Japanese books and videos; including popular comics and movies. Registered members have unrestricted access to browse, or checkout materials during regular business hours. ニュージャージー日米協会は、日本人コミュニティが拡大しつつあった1974年、 ニュージャージーに居住する日本人と地域社会との文化交流ならびにお互いの親睦を深める目的で設立されました。以来、Fort Leeの中心地 Main Streetのオフィスに於いて、日本語図書館の運営と、英会話を中心とする語学教育プログラム、カルチャークラス、TOEIC 、各種イベントやセミナーの開催といった内容を中心に活動してきました。 蔵書2万5千冊を超え、現在ではトライステートエリア最大規模となったニュージャージー日本語図書館は、毎月、新刊雑誌、最新ベストセラー図書を中心にますます内容を充実させており、幅広い年齢層の方々に利用されています。語学プログラムでは、優秀な講師陣による日本人のための多様な英会話プログラムに加え、現地校に 通う日本人の子ども達のための日本語補習クラスや、韓国語、フランス語、イタリア語、スペイン語といった第3言語習得のためのプログラム、さらにアメリカ人のための日本語教育プログラム等も用意しています。 また、カルチャークラスにおいては、日本の伝統文化である茶道、華道、書道、着物の着付けといったクラスだけでなく、アンティークやワイン講座、メイク、アメリカンクラフト、絵画、フラワーアレンジメント、キルト、ピアノ、ヴァイオリン等幅広い内容で開講しています。 TOEICのオフィシャルサイトとしても歴史が長く、現在も隔月でオープンテストを 開催しており、随時受験者を募集中です。最近では、情報交換を目的とした掲示板や意見箱を協会内に設置したり、協会員主催のバザーや読書会、日本人会員と非邦人会員のランゲージエクスチェンジパ-ティなどを企画し、ニュージャージーの日本人コミュニティに一層貢献できる場の実現を目指し、更に活動範囲を拡げています。(Japanese Site)

The Japanese American Veterans Association - Washington D.C. - The Japanese American Veterans Association (JAVA) is a fraternal, patriotic, educational and historical organization with the purposes of preserving and strengthening comradeship among its members, perpetuating the memory and history of our departed comrades, maintaining true allegiance to the Government of the United States of America, upholding its Constitution and Laws, and maintaining and extending the institutions of American freedom, and independently and in concert with other veterans organizations, striving to obtain for veterans, reservists, active duty military personnel and their families full benefit of their rightful entitlements as veterans.

The National Association of Japan-American Societies - Washington D.C. - The mission of the National Association of Japan-America Societies (NAJAS) is to strengthen cooperation and understanding between the peoples of Japan and the United States by providing programs, services, and information to and facilitating cooperation among its member societies throughout North America. (List of Japanese related Societies and Centers in North America)

The Japan-America Society of Washington D.C. - Washington D. C. - The relationship between the United States and Japan has undergone many changes in the past 50 years, but the Japan-America Society’s mission has not changed. We will continue to reach out at the people-to-people level to promote greater understanding of Japan and its culture, society and economy and to strengthen the relationship between the Japanese and American peoples.

The Japan-United States Friendship Commission - Washington D. C. - The Japan-United States Friendship Commission (JUSFC) is an independent federal agency established by Congress in 1975 to strengthen the US-Japan relationship through educational, cultural, and intellectual exchange.  Its mission is to support reciprocal people-to-people understanding, and promote partnerships that advance common interests between Japan and the United States. (Grant Programs Page) - Seattle, Washington - Densho’s mission is to preserve the testimonies of Japanese Americans who were unjustly incarcerated during World War II before their memories are extinguished. We offer these irreplaceable firsthand accounts, coupled with historical images and teacher resources, to explore principles of democracy, and promote equal justice for all. (Densho's Facebook Page)

Language Schools

Nihon Gakkou - Charlotte, North Carolina - (Japanese Only)

Japanese Language School of Raleigh - Raleigh, North Carolina - Since its foundation in 1982, the Japanese Language school of Raleigh (JLSR) has provided Saturday supplemental education for native fluency Japanese speaking children in the greater Triangle Area. (Japanese Site)


JVR Japan Video Rental - Los Angeles, CA - Online Japanese Video Streaming Service -  (Japanese)

NTT Communications - New York, NY - NTT Communications is the long-distance & international communications and ICT solution provider of NTT - one of the top 3 telecom companies in the Fortune Global 500 ranking.

Softbank - At SoftBank Group Corp., we're looking to the next thirty years and beyond with a vision for innovation and growth. Since its establishment, the SoftBank Group has consistently operated under the vision of becoming a company contributing to people's happiness and joy, and to the future of the world, not only pursuing the profit of the company. This vision is a driving force for the SoftBank Group as we continue to pursue growth. (The new owners of Sprint)


Max Out Mondays! - YouTube Personality Max Capo - Max's channel is where you'll find skits, vlogs, talks on Japanese stuff, and of course, Hapa Hour! Hapa Hour being a discussion of mixed Asian people around the world. Max lived in Tokyo for 4 years during school, teaching English, translating, producing TV shows, and acting/modeling. He came back September 2014. See what Max is up to now!

Almost Asian - YouTube Personality Katie Malia - Almost Asian is a comedy webseries that follows Katie's everyday life in Los Angeles as a half-Asian. Half-Japanese. Half-German. 100% Confused.

Steve Aoki - Electro-House DJ, Music Producer, Philanthropist & Designer - Steve Aoki is one of the highest grossing dance artist in North America from tours. He has collaborated with producers and vocalists such as, Afrojack, LMFAO, Iggy Azalea, Lil Jon, and Laidback Luke, and is known for his remixes of artists such as Kid Cudi. Steve is the founder of the "Steve Aoki Charitable Fund", which raises money for global humanitarian relief organizations. (Steve's Facebook Page, Steve's Radio, Steve's Charitable Fund, Steve's Eyewear Line)


Little Tokyo - Los Angeles - Little Tokyo, also known as Little Tokyo Historic District, is an ethnically Japanese American district in downtown Los Angeles and the heart of the largest Japanese-American population in North America. Founded around the beginning of the 20th century, the area, sometimes called Lil' Tokyo, J-Town, 小東京 (Shō-tōkyō), is the cultural center for Japanese Americans in Southern California. It was declared a National Historic Landmark District in 1995. Located within Little Tokyo is the Japanese American National Museum.

Japantown - San Francisco - Japantown (日本町 Nihonmachi) (also known as J Town or historically as Japanese Town, "Nihonmachi") is a neighborhood in the Western Addition district of San Francisco, California. It comprises about six square city blocks. San Francisco's Japantown is the largest and oldest such enclaves in the United States. The main thoroughfare is Post Street, between Fillmore Street (to the west) and Laguna Street (to the east). The Japantown neighborhood is generally considered to be bordered on the north by Bush or Pine Street, and on the south by Geary Boulevard. Its focal point is the Japan Center, which opened in 1968, and is the site of three Japanese-oriented shopping centers. The Peace Pagoda, also at the Japan Center, is a five-tiered concrete stupa designed by Japanese architect Yoshiro Taniguchi and presented to San Francisco by the people of Osaka, Japan.

Mount Olivet Japanese Cemetery - New York - 65-40 Grand Avenue Queens, NY 11378